Five Moments When Saying No Is Your Best Strategy

Most successful leaders have little difficulty saying no to a losing deal, to a project that’s wasting money, or to a request that doesn’t align with their priorities. But these same leaders can find it very uncomfortable to speak up when their concerns are less cut-and-dried or when their organization is hell-bent on pursuing a plan.

As difficult as it can be, saying no is often the key to effective leadership. Without the ability to push back when needed, you run the risk of “commitment drift” or the erosion of promises, without anyone really stopping to think about the consequences.

In this post on strategy+business, Five Moments When Saying No Is Your Best Strategy, I share several common scenarios that should raise red flags for leaders, along with some examples that highlight how saying “no” has helped business leaders advance the company’s values and long-term success.

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Elizabeth Doty