Does Your Company Keep Its Promises?

Businesses today make a lot of promises, to customers, employees, investors and the larger world. These promises help build trust, but they also add risk. The fact is, we live in an era of transparency driven by social media, in which businesses that don’t keep their word have nowhere to hide.

It is troubling then, that so many companies struggle to keep their commitments in practice. Though individual leaders may care about keeping their word, companies often fall prey to “commitment drift.” Seemingly minor breakdowns in communication, handoffs between departments, or failure to track promises over time can cause a firm to renege on its commitments to internal and external stakeholders — putting its reputation, brand and trusted relationships at risk.

In this post on strategy + business, Does Your Company Keep Its Promises? I outline seven strategies to help you avoid this type of “commitment drift” and protect your brand credibility.

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Elizabeth Doty