How to Accelerate Learning on Your Team

Some years ago, I met an ERP implementation team that was able to deliver tangible business results in just six months, where eight other teams at the same company had stalled. The successful team’s secret? Early on, its members had given up on planning, and instead focused their time on putting live customer orders through a prototype of the software. Week after week, they met with the pilot customer team, listened to their feedback, and iterated on the design.

Many leaders I’ve interacted with have wanted to accelerate learning within their teams, however, money, times and more-so, a narrow-minded approach to learning, have always proven to be their major constraints. An effective measure such as implementing meaningful challenges with a well-designed feedback system can easily help teams learn naturally on a daily basis.

In this post on strategy + business How to Accelerate Learning on Your Team, I explore a few concepts that can help accelerate learning within a team.

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